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Love you! My daughter Love you!
Happy birthday for *25th April*

One of John McMiken's twin daughters in Thailand

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Charlotte Ploy and her twin sister Katria Louise were born in Godalming, Surrey, England on 25th April, 1989. At that time I was the in-country manager for Ferranti International, Indonesia, later that same year at the end of my contract in Indonesia, I discovered that my wife had been stealing all of our savings and my salary and filling up her own private bank account in Thailand. When I confronted my wife about this we had a huge argument and we separated. I then had to go on to work in Australia, South Korea and then back to UK to Ferranti HQ. I took voluntary redundancy from Ferranti in the late 1990s and moved to stay in Thailand, I tried to find my wife to see the children and I eventually found her in Bangkok where she then had a restaurant. After another very heated argument with my wife, she eventually allowed me to take the girls to stay with me for a few days and I really enjoyed those few days I had with them. But when I returned the girls to their mother, we had another very heated argument because she wanted more money from me which I didn't have now being out of work so I refused, she then said that I could never see the girls again. That was 12 years ago and then ten years ago I had my accident and I lost my leg and my family moved out of the restaurant and I lost touch with them all.

I tried to find my family many times again but I had yet another accident in September 2009 in which I smashed my right hip and that left me even more disabled than before and I was virtually bedridden. In March 2011 I had managed to save up enough money from my small medical pension to buy myself a WiFi connection for my computer, because I had not been able to connect to the internet for more than one year and being disabled and living alone in a small room now this was my only means of communicating with anyone.

Then on March 17th, 2011, I woke up at a very early hour, this was quite normal for me I have no specific fixed times for sleeping or waking up, because I have nowhere to go and nobody to see these days. I made myself a hot cup of tea and then sat at my computer, connected to the internet and checked my email. As usual there were dozens of emails so I just quickly scanned through the inbox marking the ones that need to be deleted without reading, this accounts for about 98% of them which are mainly spam and scams. Then one email caught my eye, it was from facebook telling me that someone on there wanted to be my friend, I had not bothered with facebook for more than three years now, it had never really interested me but glancing at the subject line of this email, it stated that Charlotte Ploy Reed wanted to be my friend on facebook and this really made me sit up and take notice! So when I checked on facebook that morning, I discovered that this Charlotte Ploy Reed that wanted to be my friend was indeed my daughter. I had not seen or been in contact with her for the last 12 years even though I havd tried very hard to find them, so this came as a very pleasant surprise to me that day, there were even lots of photos of her on facebook too and I also found out that her twin sister Katria Louise Reed also had a facebook page too.

Charlotte and Katria

My twin girls

I agreed to let Charlotte be friend on facebook and I was very excited at the prospect of contacting her again. I also sent a message to her on facebook and we were soon communicating. This was wonderful to me I had a reason to be a happy again and I have some hope in life again, because I had given up on life a very long time ago.

My dilemma today:

So after more than a decade I am now in contact with my twin daughters again, but I am now very disabled and in too much pain to go and physically meet with them and because I am only just surviving on a very small medical pension myself, I also do not have sufficient funds to help them financially.

The next problem that I now face is how to convince my twin girls that I am not the bad person in the family. When for 22 years they have only lived with and listened to their mother, they have only met me briefly before and they do not really know me at all. I know that my wife, their mother, will have been filling their heads with lies because that is in her character and Thai people in general cannot admit to doing anything wrong themselves because that would make them 'lose face' which is the worst thing that could possibly happen to them.

So I know that for at least two decades now these two young girls will have been told how I was the bad person in the family, how I was the one who just ran away and left them all with no money at all and forgot all about them. When in reality their mother created this situation by stealing all of our money and causing the family to split, but who are these girls going to believe? Someone who has been with them every day of their lives filling their heads with lies and hate mixed with shows of love and affection, or someone who suddenly appears after many years accusing their mother of being the bad person in the family?

The very first question that I received from Charlotte in a message a couple of days ago was "Why did you leave us?" I replied to her in an email and told her the truth but does she believe me???

My Charly

I am out there thinking of you!

I truly love my twin girl daughters I always have and I always will, despite the actions or the words of their twisted Thai mother. Ian Reed / John McMiken - Love will prevail!


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